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The railway wheel & wheelset is one of the most important parts of a train. It helps to support the weight of the train and keep it on track. The wheelset also helps to absorb shocks and vibrations, making for a smoother ride. In order to function properly, the railway wheel & wheelset must be made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of travel.


A railway wheel & wheelset is a type of wheel specially designed for use on railways. Railway wheels have a wide variety of sizes and shapes, but all share a few common features. They are usually made of steel and have a flange on the inside edge to help keep the wheel on the rail. Railways also use special bearings to reduce friction and wear. The wheelset is the complete assembly of two wheels mounted on an axle. Wheelsets are used on all types of rail vehicles, from locomotives to passenger cars. In addition to the actual wheels, a railway wheelset also includes the bearings, axle, and anything else required to mount the wheels and allow them to rotate freely.

Product Name AAR Standard Wheel Set for Railway Vehicle
Wide Material Provide forged wheel set and cast wheel set to many international standards
Wide Standards Wheelsets will meet every recognized international quality standard: TB/T 1463, AAR GII, UIC 813, EN13260, BS 5892-6, AS 7517, JIS E4504
Wheelset application Freight Wagons, Passenger Coaches, Locomotive, and many other industrial or mine vehicles
Size According to customers’ drawings
Capacity 10,000 set per year
Test Chemical analysis, Metallographic, Mechanical analysis, Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic testing, Impact testing, Hardness testing, Surface quality, and dimension report

Railway Wheel & Wheelset