Railway Wheel Assembly | RMI En8 EOT Crane L Block Wheel Assembly

Industrial wheelset products are an essential part of many industries. They are used in metallurgy to move heavy loads, in energy production to power machines, in railway construction to build tracks, and in port, terminals to load and unload ships. They are also used in many other fields, such as equipment manufacturing and material handling. Industrial wheelset products are made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. They come in a variety of sizes and can be custom-made to meet the needs of any application.

Industrial wheelset products are widely used in metallurgy, energy, railway, equipment manufacturing, port terminals, material handling, and other fields. An industrial wheelset is mainly a traveling wheel with a diameter of Φ200mm~Φ1000mm, which is suitable for various bridge, portal, semi-portal, and portal cranes; Φ630mm~Φ840mm wheels for coke oven trucks, hot metal trucks, stackers and reclaimers; Φ630mm~Φ1250mm Pulley block; locomotive (railway vehicle) rolling test bench wheel block.

The wheel assembly consists of the hub, disc or spokes, rim, tire & tube. Wheels are an important part of the vehicle. The vehicle can’t move without wheels. There are many types of wheels such as Steel Wheel, Alloy Wheel, Magnesium Alloy Wheel,s, etc. The selection of an appropriate wheel is very important because it should be compatible with the road conditions & driving habits. Wheels are generally manufactured by the Casting process, Forging process, or Welding process.

Product Name  Standard Wheel for Railway Vehicle
Product Type L Block
Material  En8
Usage/Application EOT Crane (Also supply the EOT crane wheel as per customer requirement)
Size/Dimension 150 mm – 700 mm
Max Load Capacity 150 – 300 Ton
Test Chemical analysis, Metallographic, Mechanical analysis, Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic testing, Impact testing, Hardness testing, Surface quality, and dimension report