Customize Solution

Does Taiyuan Forging Trading CO., LTD. provide custom flanges?

YES. In fact, we take pride in our ability to craft high-quality custom flanges for special applications. We understand that each project is unique and requires a tailored design, so our custom components are subject to rigorous quality standards.

Our factory is well equipped with the machines and tooling required to fabricate custom flanges per customer specifications. Our extensive raw materials inventory allows us to rapidly design and build specialized flanges, with most projects being turned around within days.

As experienced designers and manufacturers of both standard flanges and customized solutions. To further speed up the process, we maintain a large inventory of raw materials for quick fabrication solutions.

Does Taiyuan Forging Trading CO., LTD. provide other custom forging products?

YES. We provide custom forging products according to the needs of the clients. Over the past years, we have received many inquiries asking for large forging products or custom forging products.

As a leading supplier of forgings and other custom products in the global marketplace, we have the experience and capacity to deliver top-quality product solutions that can meet all customized specifications.

With a team of experienced engineers and technicians available to assist during development, we guarantee that each project is executed with greater accuracy, efficiency, and reliability than traditional manufacturing methods can provide.

Not only do we offer countless varieties of natural forgings but have also added new capabilities such as CNC machining, heat treatment services and surface finishing processes which allow us to further customize options for their clients.

 Whether you require simple conditions or intricate design details, choose Taiyuan Forging Trading — your premier partner for custom-forged components and finished goods.For custom ring flanges, we only need OD, ID, thickness, bolt style and material grade.

Getting this information, we can quote for just one piece – yes, there is no minimum quantity (although large quantities will of course get a discount as installation costs are more widely spread).

On the right is a case of a custom draft that we provide for our client.

Can Taiyuan Forging Trading CO.,LTD. assist with the draft?

Of course. At our company, our experienced personnel use AutoCad to create shop prints of custom flanges, which helps customers understand the exact form and products they want to be made.

Signing a shop print allows customers to approve the work before production begins, ensuring the outcome meets their desired specifications. We take pride in our AutoCAD expertise and creative problem-solving abilities—with these skills combined, complex designs and tight parameters can be easily handled.

Our staff have worked with different customer requests and know precisely how to ensure customer satisfaction during production regardless of the job’s intricacy. Custom flanges or other products that meet even the most specific design requirements are no problem with us.

That being said, we always ensure our clients sign off on a shop print before beginning work—this is simply part of doing business! In any case, when it comes to manufacturing custom flanges, you can rely on us for quality craftsmanship and reliable results every time.

How do we do the custom-requiring work?

Custom forging or flange manufacturing is a highly specialized process that requires flange specialists to build precise, high-quality flanges. Whether a customer desires industry-standard shapes or something uniquely designed and tailored to their exact specifications, we can quickly provide it.

Quality raw materials are ready for transformation into the desired shape, size, and style of the flange. Design tools such as AutoCAD allow for the construction of precise, accurate prints so that no detail is missed during fabrication.

From pipe square flanges and dual bolt patterns, to reduced weld necks and spools between custom layers, whatever precision is needed in a customized flange can be obtained through modern custom manufacturing processes.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Forging?

Custom forgings can help you increase productivity and improve the overall efficiency of your business. Durability and reliability are the two main advantages of custom forging products.


It is well-known that metal forging helps manufacturers achieve better results with greater strength and customization. It allows them to shape their materials into their desired form while offering unparalleled control over density, weight, and other special requirements.

The compact structure of these forgings offers superior protection against future leaks compared to similar cast parts. Moreover, their dense composition makes them lightweight enough to use even in machines where minimal size and weight are essential while maintaining a superior strength profile.

What’s more, when compared with heavier metals like steel or aluminum, custom forged products created out of lighter materials such as titanium or magnesium can offer an additional cost advantage. These remarkable qualities make metal forging an ideal solution for those seeking leak-resistant components along with reduced weight and price points.

Low cost

When you’re looking for a manufacturing partner to make precision metal forgings, the cost can be a determining factor in your decision. But with our professional team of engineers, the cost of high-quality forgings doesn’t have to be prohibitively high.

The way that we can keep prices down is thanks to our ability to produce parts in large numbers during one production run. This means that instead of making just several components at once, our team can produce dozens or even hundreds of parts at one time – all while maintaining precise uniformity and quality in each product.

Having fewer set-up costs and more significant economies of scale means reduced per-part costs and better deals for our customers. So if lower costs are important to you when sourcing forgings, rest assured that we can offer you exceptional products at a more competitive price than other providers on the market today. 

With every part produced with careful attention and craftsmanship, you won’t get just value but also a superior product that exceeds expectations. 

Corrosion Resistance

Rust can corrode metals and weaken the structure, making them less effective and more likely to break down. Fortunately, many of the forgings we produce are available with unique external coatings that help to protect against future corrosion.

From standard powder coating in a range of colors to zinc-rich primers and solvent-based paints, we offer numerous high-quality coating options that can extend the functional life of your parts. With our rust protection options, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to avoid rust problems in the future.

Not only does this provide a greater level of security for your forged products, but also helps to protect their long-term value by ensuring they remain strong and capable for years to come.

In short, if you want an experienced forging partner who can provide outstanding value and top-tier quality, look no further! We’re ready and eager to help out with the unique forging needs your business has in mind.

If you have any problems, please don’t be hesitate to contact us!


A wide range of materials is available to satisfy client needs. We can produce custom forgings from many different types and alloys, such as steel or stainless steel with added chromium contents that make them more durable than other steels. The materials include but is not limited as follows:

Carbon steel

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Specialty alloys

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Stainless steel

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Special materials in high-temperature alloys

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Corrosion-resistant alloys

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