About Us

Company Profile

Taiyuan Forging Trading Co., Ltd., locates in Taiyuan,the capital of the province Shanxi, the “hometown of forging”. Shanxi Province is a traditional heavy industry province in China, famous for forging, machining, casting, etc. It has provided industrial manufacturing materials for other cities in the country in the early years. 

Currently, the annual production capacity of the company is 12,000 tons of flanges and 8,000 tons of forgings products.

We mainly produce flanges of German standard DIN, American standard ANSI B16.5, British standard BS45O4, Japanese standard JIS, Italian standard UNI, Australian standard AS and Chinese standard GB, HG, JB and other national standards. The PaP type has a high neck ( WN), looper (50), socket (SW), lap joint (LJ), blind plate (BL), thread (TH), flat plate (PL), etc., with a specifications from 112 ” , (DN 15) to 80″ (DN2000). 

Besides, we also manufacture wheels, shafts and gear train. Our products include: Rotors/Shafts Assemblies; Gear & Shaft combos to name just some! With our wide range of production capabilities, we are able to produce connections for pressure vessels– long weld neck flange ,HB nozzles and studding outlets. Actually, we are able to undertake non-standard flanges,various gears, shafts, modules and other forgings required by users according to the draft or requirement by the clients.

During many years’ manufacturing, we constantly accumulate experience and learn a lot from the modern advanced enterprise management mode. With the experience learned frrom other companies, we have formed our professional production of flanges and forgings business management mode. The quality of our products has been improved, trusted and praised by customers at home and abroad.

Developing history

Our company was first established back in the 1990s, when China was reforming and opening up, and many people were investing in building factories. The company was first a factory located in Dingxiang County, Shanxi Province, 100 km from the provincial capital Taiyuan. After several years of development, the company has been growing fastly.

After entering the 21st century, in addition to providing forging products for some domestic manufacturers, the company began to export its products to foreign markets. 2010 Taiyuan Forging Trading Co., Ltd. was officially registered. Since then, our company has become an enterprise with both factory and foreign trade export qualification. In the past ten more years, we have supplied products to customers in different countries and regions of the world, mainly in Germany, USA, Turkey, India, Dubai, and have gained the unanimous approval of our customers due to the high quality of our products and services.

Our belief is: Quality assurance, reasonable price and timely delivery. If you have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.